Introducing you to Lekko......

Lekko is situated in Cardiff Industrial Estate in a 950m square meter facility where we warehouse highly regarded brands for quick overnight despatch to most centers. We have grown to adapt to our customers needs and requirements providing you with a complete range of top-level tools for electrical engineers available through your selected Electrical Wholesaler at affordable prices.

If you want "real tools" from reputable German/USA manufacturers that are not just rebranded "excuses for tools" then choose your tools through Lekko. Brands like Wiha, Ideal, Fluke, Knipex, Pressmaster – you know what you are getting. Simply select your requirement and order from your nearest Electrical Wholesaler.

One good tool in the hand is worth more than a thousand badged Chinese ones.

Ph: (02) 4014 9111

Fax: (02) 4956 7811